9 Fun After School Activities For Kids In Dubai

Dubai is filled with a number of schools to educate your children. Some residential places like JBR, VillaNova La rosa, and many more and in close proximity to a lot of elite schools. Though, a big concern is the afterschool activities options in Dubai. Keeping this in mind, we have made a guide for you that will shed some light on the afterschool activities that your children can indulge in Dubai.

Fun Robotics Lessons for kids in Dubai

If you have a child with a special interest in science and technology, you can enroll them in the Fun Robotics workshop in Dubai. They have some courses on drones, programming, robots, and more in addition to new technologies  This is easily one of Dubai’s best children’s after-school programs.

MK Fencing Academy

Engage your child in MK Fencing Academy to teach them about the Olympic fighting sport i.e. fencing. The sport itself developed from ancient self-defense and duels combat techniques. There are three modes of fencing: sabre, epee, and foil. The player scores in a sabre if they are targeting their opponent’s upper body. For epee to be scored, they must target the quarter body, and every section of the body will give them a foil ranking. This sport can not only improve self-defense, but also tactile abilities, endurance, competitiveness, concentration, dedication, and patience for your kid.

Authenticity Coaching & Consulting

Register your kid for an authenticity coaching & consulting session at the Al Barsha tiger training group. Although the name sounds very aggressive, it is mainly a workshop for behavior, which promotes teamwork and advocacy against aggressive behavior. It also encourages the child to enhance their social skills and emotional intelligence. This is one of Dubai’s finest new places for children to truly develop confidence and gain the skills necessary for excellence in the 21st century.

Hayley’s Comet Theatre School

If tacting or dancing is something that your kid enjoys the most, the best option available for you to take them is Hayley’s Comet Theater School. This is one of Dubai’s best new locations for children offering a range of classes in dance and singing. This children’s school is in Dubai Media City.

Playdates Palm

Help your child develop social skills and give them the experience they need. Take them in Palm Jumeirah to Playdates Palm. This is one of the renowned new locations for kids in Dubai, where your kids can enjoy a variety of fun time activities like a jungle gym.

Kidz Venture Kids Club and Daycare

You can send your kid to the Kidz Venture Kids Club and Daycare. This is an atmosphere where parents and other parents meditate in conjunction with a play area and a different corner for children. It also has a kindergarten that follows the standards of the EYFS. You must book the seats early because normally the number of seats is limited.

Kids Gymnastics with Star Gymnastics

Toddlers, children, and teens may benefit from exercise and gymnastics to improve their movement. If your child wants to participate in competitive gymnastics or just for fun, these lessons will help your child develop balance, strength, stability, stamina, coordination, and endurance. Classes for children under 18 months are appropriate.  The three first classes are free of charge for a trial purpose.

Dubai Falcons Rugby Club

Keep your kids busy all year while they develop a passion for Rugby. The Dubai Falcons Rugby Club is for children aged 4 to 18 and seeks to build a friendly, family environment while also developing potential talent. The Dubai Falcons will concentrate on rugby league and agility training throughout the off-season to help your children retain the skills they gain throughout the rugby season while still staying fit during the year.


SoccerTots is a toddler soccer educational program that teaches them the fundamentals of the game and helps them develop into a great soccer athlete. They will be trained on how to dribble, tackle, and pass the ball, as well as heading and kicking, and, of course, scoring goals, by professional coaches. All of these methods aid in the growth of muscles, coordination, and mental skills in children.

This is all from our side. We hope that you find the aforementioned guide beneficial. You can opt for a residential unit in La Rosa Dubai properties if you want a secure and healthy environment for your children and family.