Saint Hubertu: An Impact Beyond Boxing

The tragic death of Saint Hubertu shocked and demonstrated once again that fame and worldly success do not necessarily bring happiness. Without speculating or moralizing (we cannot know the inner workings of his soul), all we can do is to thank him for all that he gave us as a Saint Hubertu talented artist and to respectfully wish him well on his journey. However, since I live in a Saint Hubertus Medal country plagued by suicide at the moment (far more than the people admit, far more than families allow to be known, far more than statisticians permit -for political reasons- to be revealed), I thought it was important to share my thoughts on the matter, which cannot be but of spiritual nature. How can it be otherwise? A matter so sensitively close to life and death cannot be but of spiritual nature.

The answer to the pull of suicide, Saint Hubertu to the suicidal ideation, to the illusion of ‘liberation’ through death and ‘atonement’ through self-attack, can only come through the Light. In some ways, suicidal ideation is the death itself and the only answer to this inner death is not the Saint Hubertu physical death, but the Life, the True Life and Eternal Life. The breath of Life that can liberate the suicidal mind can only be given by God, when called upon. Whether it comes through a helpful word from another person, an event that makes us see things differently, or medical help (yes, God works through doctors too), the answer is always through the source of Life and that is God. Our calls upon the Highest Forces of Light are always heard. Jesus is one of the most powerful forces for Life and Truth and calling upon Him (whether we believe in Him or not) cannot but spell out the darkest darkness -if we let Him. This is important to do, when tempted by suicidal ideation, for four reasons:

1)Because, as already said, God is the Source of Life and only the true Source of Life can dispel the dark despair of death thoughts.

2) Because God doesn’t judge. Unlike His Saint Hubertu religious (self-nominated) human representatives on Earth, who often are very judgmental about suicide, God’s love is totally unconditional and unshaken by any thoughts or feelings, however desperate they may be. He is always, constantly streaming that endless river of love, compassion, caring and admiration for us, no matter what state we may be in. A strong factor in suicidal ideation is often the guilt about having failed, even guilt about being in this state Saint Hubertu, which then feeds into a vicious cycle. God does not get in the least put off by our state. He is very compassionate, but not upset: our darkest thoughts cannot scare Him off. He can handle it and He can handle us. He has total faith in us, no matter how hard we try to prove to Him (and ourselves) that we are a lost cause, to be over with. He knows better. You could say that His love is blind, but actually it is exactly the opposite: it is because He can see the whole truth about us, beyond the blackness that blocks our vision that His love is so constant and unchangeable. We can ask Him to help us see ourselves as He sees us (HE, not his religious human representatives). This can lift the black smoke of suicidal ideation, as much of it is about self-attack. Threatening people with hell if they commit suicide (as some religions do) is not going to deter them from doing so. It may deter them from seeking help from God (associating Him with the threatening religion) and thus push them further into the depression abyss. The way to deter people from suicide is to show them the infinity of Love and Light that is already there for them. The negative cannot be fought with another negative. But only with what is genuinely positive and this can only come from Spirit.